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I thought my aunt was the one person who would have my back no matter what. She has become the person she said she would never be.

She told me that I don’t have any friends, mainly around my hometown. Well, I don’t have as many friends up my way, I have some. I gave her a list: Ashley, Matt, Marie, Will, Mina, Christian, Jess, Mike, Katelyn, Marian Brittany, Joann, Ron, Liz, Hannah, and John. 

She asked why I don’t hang out with them that often. Well, life gets hectic and we all have work, some have school, volunteer work, family matters, etc. 

She also is under the impression that I have a crap ton of money. Um, no. She claims that I don’t have to pay for anything. That is far from true. My parents have given me some help, but I want to be independent. My parents won’t be around forever. She went on to say that I will be nothing. 

That drew the line. She said how negative motivation is the wrong approach, and yet she was negatively motivating me. I held my tongue and didn’t say the harsh words that I wanted to say. I’m not sinking down to her level. 

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