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Today was truly a bittersweet day. I’m happy that my friends from the amusement park are going on to pursue their dreams, but on the other hand, I’m sad that I won’t get to see them every week. One is remaining in my hometown, which I am thankful for. Will, the one I am closest with, is moving very soon. Let me tell you, I broke down. During the last show of the season, the regular audience members sat together. I sat next to a girl named Mary, who is one of my favorite people in the world. She is proof that life is beautiful. Her parents sat behind us and they are wonderful people. They told me that Mary likes to pray for people and that she would pray for me that I find a job. By the end of the show, we were all in tears. Even the performers cried. Saying goodbye after was the hardest part. I even hugged people I didn’t know. I hugged the female performers and thanked them for an awesome summer. Before I hugged Will, I hugged Anthony, the other male performer. I thanked him and then burst into sobs. He held me until I could breathe again, which was about 30 seconds. Then Will walked over to me, and said, “Don’t ignore me.” I tried to laugh and say that I was saving the best for last, but what did I do? You guessed it: Cried. He cried with me and said that he’ll never forget me. I thanked him for treating me with kindness. He said that I deserved the best. I talked with other audience members for awhile and then hugged Will about three more times and hugged a cute little boy whose mom is a new friend of mine. If I’m sad at times this week, this is the reason why.


"One of the ad libs that happened was when I came on set for the dinner party scene, and they had the sort of chicken claw thing sticking up out of an appetiser.
And I said “we gotta use this man, this is ridiculous! It’s this dead claw thing.” And they kept it.  And I started to ask “what is this?” and then I went “forget it, I don’t want to know what it is.”“
- Raúl Esparza [x]

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