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Yesterday I went through my clothes again to see if there was anything else I could give away. I filled one garbage bag with clothes that were either too small or stuff that I didn’t want to wear anymore. I also cleaned off my shelves in my closet, changed and washed the sheets on my bed, and went through the drawers on my nightstand. Since it was raining on and off all day, I exercised inside. I did day 25 of my 30 day ab challenge, 50 squats, various stretches, and a few Zumba routines. 

At about 4:00 pm, Dad said to me, “You haven’t been outside today. Don’t be depressed.”

I got angry and said, “I’m not depressed. I’ve been doing housework most of the day, and since the weather is bad, I exercised inside.” It’s not like I did nothing all day. It frustrates me living at home sometimes. 

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