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#i figure like five of the sigils are ACTUALLY keeping them under the radar #and the rest are just this long long message that’s all #property of castiel if found please return unharmed or suffer divine wrath the likes of which you have never seen #and then their names and cas’s cell number in case they’re found

if lost please contact this number #or go to your local priest and demand he summon this angel #warning sam sheds and dean bites #note dean is only allowed to bite ME

#my humans mine

god bless this fucking fandom.

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I’m not ready to be fully open about what happened yesterday, but I will say this: It fucking hurt. I apologize for the strong language, but there comes a point where I’m hurting so much and it turns into anger.

I’ve been handling it well for the most part. I did not turn to alcohol, nor will I. I had a weak moment at work where I broke down. There was a rush of people and it got overwhelming. I’m normally very good under pressure, but I didn’t get any sleep last night. I was exhausted and something triggered me to feel very panicky. I stepped away and broke down crying. A couple of coworkers noticed and the manager let  me sit for a few minutes. I think my blood sugar was also low since I didn’t have time to eat due to the rush. After a few minutes of sitting down, I was ready. I jumped right back in and worked hard. I even enjoyed it toward the end of the rush. Aside from family/friends, my job is most important.

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