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Good morning! Work was a madhouse yesterday, but I was on top of everything. I felt like I had to babysit a couple of coworkers and clean up after them, but we managed to get most of our daily tasks done in addition to preparing food for customers. I even saw my favorite regular customer and he said, “If you made it, it’s going to be awesome.” Customers like that make my day and remind me that life is good and hard work pays off.

I also filled up my gas tank for under $25, and got to spend time with a great friend after work. I got home late, and my dad isn’t too thrilled with me, but I was safe. I even told my parents that if I don’t come home right away, I’m either running errands (for when I work until early afternoon) or out with a friend. The friend I was out with yesterday and I have so much trouble coordinating schedules, so we take every opportunity we get to spend together, even if it is late at night. It’s not like I had to be at work at 6 AM either. My friend is also very trustworthy and would never put me in harms way.

As tired as I was, I took the opportunity to be social. I find it funny because my dad once yelled at me and told me that I never go out. Whenever I go out, he yells at me for that. I understand that it was late, and it’s normal for him to worry, but I gave him the warning ahead of time that sometimes I might stay out after an afternoon/evening shift if I get the chance to see a friend. Even though it was awkward this morning, I’m on cloud nine and I haven’t stopped smiling. I’m glad I cut out the fakes and made true friends. <3

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